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WildFlower Season

Wildflower season is one of the prettiest times of the year. The array of flowers scattered about is a beautiful sight to see. Monterey County has a variety of wildflowers that grow throughout the land from the months of March-June. There are about 2,300 types of wildflowers that sprout in Monterey County as stated by the Monterey County Wildflowers website. If you are looking to see some wildflowers, here are the best spots in Monterey County.

Garrapata State Park has a selection of wildflowers. In the spring months they have California Poppies, Wild Irises, and Indian Paintbrush ( However, Garrapata State Park is known for their “Calla Lilly Valley”. You’ll not only get a beautiful view of Calla Lillies, but you’ll also get a breathtaking coastal view. The mix of wildflowers and the ocean is pure bliss!

Pacific Grove is known to have a trail of beautiful purple flowers called “The Magic Carpet”. This “magic carpet” brings in many tourists during this time of year. The purple carpet is created by a sea of purple and pink ice plant. Just like Garrapata State Park, you also get a scenic view of the coast when visiting the “Magic Carpet” since it is right on the ocean. The beautiful views allow for a picture-perfect spot!

Toro Park in Salinas has been home to some beautiful wildflower blooms. While hiking on the many trails, you can find various types of wildflowers. Some of the most common ones are baby blue eyes and shooting stars ( They are open every day from 8am-12am. Whether you’re going for a picnic or taking a hike in the mountains, you are destined to see some wildflowers during blooming season!

Monterey County is one of the best places to see spectacular wildflowers. If you want to see the beautiful bloom, make sure to visit any of these places. They will not disappoint!

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