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  • Samantha Clavijo

Mustang Pride

The town of King City has been built into a tight knit community over the past decades. From starting as a town with dirt roads and few buildings, through generational family work and community growth our town has advanced into a place 13,443 people call home. This town was officially established in Monterey County in the year 1911, and that same year our beloved King City High School was formed. The high school transitioned from many different buildings around the town until it found its perfect fit at 720 Broadway Street. This high school is the heart of the town and the heart of some of our biggest community events. During football season, we see the stands packed from end to end with generational King City High School graduates and families. Furthermore, we see the whole stadium packed with dozens of community members standing just to watch the Homecoming game, Senior Night, and the infamous Little Big Game against the rival Gonzales High School. Not only does our football team bring together the community but so does our impressive ASB class. This class helps organize these events and make sure to bring the decorations and ideas for these town wide events. Without King City High School’s ASB class our town would have a little less mustang pride! Being a well-rounded school is something the high school can say they exceed in. With the addition of our new ag department building students can take a variety of classes such as floral design, sports field management, horticulture, wood shop, ag econ, vet science, and so much more. These classes don’t just stop in the classroom though. Mrs. Souza's floral design class takes orders from around the community to build a plethora of unique arrangements for weddings, funerals, home décor, quinces, parties, and many more events. King City High School has been around for decades but due to the mustang spirit the pride of our community members has never died down. Our High School has grown with the community and never fails to adhere to tradition and student life. Once a mustang always a mustang and if you move into this town, you will quickly learn the way of a true King City mustang!

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