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  • Ellie Skromme

Why Visit Us?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

There are a wide variety of museums all across the U.S., but to be exact there are approximately 35,000 museums around the United States all focusing on different concepts. These museums range from the National Civil War Museum in Pennsylvania to the Monterey County Agricultural & Rural Life Museum right here in the small town of King City, California. You may be asking yourselves why we need so many museums? and how do they help improve communities? Museums can be staples in displaying history behind the towns they are located in. There are many major events throughout history that are documented to show respect to the people who went through these certain events and for present-day individuals to learn. These types of museums are often found in large cities for the grand public to tour. However, there are also many small towns that have museums to display their history. One would be the museum we have right here in King City, California. The Monterey County Agricultural & Rural Life Museum is important to King City because it  focuses on local agriculture. The Museum includes exhibits that portray the story of the settlement, transportation, trade, and environmental change within  the Salinas Valley. So how does this museum, especially in a small town help improve the community? Well museums, specifically MCARLM, allow for people in small towns to never forget where their town came from and how it was built, and, in this way, help provide pride and belonging in a community. This museum gives people in town the opportunity to tour the place and learn more about their town. Additionally the museum gives out internships for high school students which not only allows for young students to learn more about their town and share with their fellow peers but it also gives them the opportunity to work at a place that enhances their knowledge.  Museums keep people in touch with history which allows for communities to grow stronger and better. 

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