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Robert Stanton Theater

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

King City High School is the local high school in King City, California. It was built and opened in 1911. The historic high school auditorium named “Robert Stanton Theater” was built in 1939 and is still used today. It has been used for plays, dance recitals, meetings, presentations, and much more. The theater is a great piece of history in King City.

Robert Stanton was an architect who lived from 1900-1983. He was a Monterey County resident and lived in Carmel. He worked on various projects in Monterey County such as City Hall in King City, Colossal Coffee Shop, King City High School, and the Superior Court of California (University of Washington). Robert Stanton has had major contributions to some of the most historical buildings in Monterey County.

One of his numerous projects consisted of the King City High School Auditorium. According to Catherine Whitney who wrote the “National Register of Historic Places Registration Form: King City Joint Union High School Auditorium”, Robert Stanton was the architect who designed the auditorium (1990). Due to his contributions to architecture in Monterey County, the theater was named after him.

Without Robert Stanton’s architectural design, King City would not have the treasured and historic Robert Stanton Theater.

Written by MCARLM Intern Samantha Roach 2022

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