Monterey County Agricultural & Rural Life Museum

History of Irrigation Museum

The newest addition to the museum complex is the History of Irrigation Museum which also houses a meeting room and the archive room. The interior exhibit is designed to trace the history of irrigation from the dams and open ditches of the Mission Era to the highly sophisticated systems of today. A highlight of the exhibit is a topographical map of the entire Salinas River drainage.

Arranged in a timeline, the exhibit includes an array of hands-on displays designed to delight both children and adults and provide an educational opportunity for all. The theme is a focus on the progress of agriculture in our valley and the tremendous efforts to manage our precious resources.

Our twenty-two seat theater features a short film about the Salinas Valley in visual form and the importance of irrigation and water management. The film is narrated by local farmers and historians describing water usage in the valley. Shown by appointment.

Well Drilling Rig History of Irrigation Museum


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