History of San Lorenzo Park

What is now San Lorenzo Park was originally a part of San Lorenzo Rancho, which was a 21,884 acre Mexican Land grant that was given in 1841  by Governor Juan Alvarado to Feliciano Soberanes.  The grant ran along the east bank of the Salinas River and included present day King City.  In 1884, 13,000 acres of the San Lorenzo Rancho was purchased by Charles King, in what many called at the time, a foolish move.  He sold a large part of his holdings to the Spreckels Sugar Co. in 1897, and the area that is now San Lorenzo Park became Spreckels Ranch #3. The Monterey County Parks Department was in an acquisition phase in the 1970's and was looking to build a mid-valley park.  The Parks Department purchased the area from the Spreckels Company, then known as Amstar.  The Park was dedicated on July 1, 1976 and the initial plan included a campground and museum.  Prior to the creation of the park, the existing Eucalyptus grove was a poplular picnic spot for the King City Community.