Monterey County Agricultural & Rural Life Museum

4th Grade History Jamboree

Started in 2014 to supplement our already successful school tour program, the 4th Grade History Jamboree was created to provide south Monterey County 4th grade teachers and their students with a hands-on-history, immersive experience that focuses on California history during the gold rush era.  The 2-day program serves almost 400 students and eight schools.  Each day the program hosts eight classes with eight 20 minute educational stations that provide a full day of art, history, and music.  The students "pan for gold" in a sluice box, make a gold collection pouch, sample hardtack at the cook wagon, sing camp songs at the miner's tent, and learn about the supply and demand at the general store.  Utilizing the historic King City Train Depot, students pack a trunk and learn how and why people migrated west and experience the labor and sweat that a blacksmith put into creating the necessary tools needed for the growth and success of early California.  Each attendee experiences immersive educational activities, which reinforce classroom handouts, and received goodies to take home with them, as well as a free sack lunch at the end of the day.


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