Monterey County Agricultural & Rural Life Museum


MCARLM welcomes on board several local internship positions to current students at the local community level within the Monterey County.  This internship program has offered guided experience in research, processing and public speaking skills.  This county funded internship experience allows for the Monterey Agricultural & Rural Life Museum to hold access to guided tours, that build public speaking and communication skills, as well as community social skills.  The position as Intern here at MCARLM also comes with the opportunity to further develop and strengthen research skills.  At the end of each interned year, each intern is expected to develop and research their own museum exhibit that will contribute the rich historic content displayed within MCARLM, and will be presented to the community.  

Take a trip to our wonderful museum and experience a guided tour by one of our friendly interns, who will enrich your knowledge on our community's rich history!!







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Your donation will help us continue to inspire and engage current and future generations of agriculture and rural life history enthusiasts. Without the Agricultural and Rural Life Museum, our community would be bereft of the inspiration and sustenance provided by the historical context of our exhibitions. No matter the size of your budget, your gift will make a difference! Gifts of all sizes tremendously appreciated.

Thank you for your contribution!