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Common Grounds Garden Club gets Ready for the new School Year

The Common Grounds Garden Club is ready for a new school year! The garden club allows students from the local middle school to have a hands-on learning experience in our garden.  As members of the club, students will get the chance to learn about soils, seeds, and good agricultural practices.  Students will get the chance to grow and maintain their own garden plots where they will focus on growing a healthy crop.  Students will have the chance to learn things that they can't learn in the classroom. The Common Grounds Garden Club will be held every Wednesday beginning September and running the remainder of the school year.  Students will meet at the Irrigation Museum from 2:30-4:30.  For more information, please contact MCARLM (831)385-8020.  

Educational Garden

Common Ground Educational Garden

Providing an educational opportunity to bring science, math, social studies, language and visual arts to life through hands-on learning in this living-lab garden, as well as through supplemental science workshops. Vegetable gardens let adults and children taste fresh food and learn that they can cultivate a healthy nutrition in their own back yards.


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